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Dr. Diem Cao DDS

Dr. Diem Cao was born in Vietnam. She grew up watching her father, a medical doctor devoting his life to treating and caring for his patients. Since then, she was inspired to become someone who takes honor and pride in taking care of others. In her little town, there were few dentists at that time. Most people could not receive dental care and lived with their distorted smiles and infected oral health. She then dedicated her studies to be the best dental provider.


Her life took a turn when she received a scholarship after dental school to go to France for her orthodontic residency. In France, under the instructions of  renowned professors, she fulfilled 4 years of orthodontic residency training and 1 year of surgical implant dentistry. When she was about to go back to Vietnam to follow her childhood dream, God placed her in another place: USA.


She was devastated at first to redo all her education to become a US dentist and to support herself. It is said: “Nothing can resist the human will that will stake even its existence on its stated purpose” (Benjamin Disraeli). She went through dental school again (University of Colorado, School of Dental Medicine), learned more about dentistry and obtained her DDS degree.


After graduation, she devoted her life to practice dentistry in the most meaningful way, dentistry without discrimination, without borders, dentistry that gives out more than what it takes in. She opened her practice in Paramount, with the “Kaizen” philosophy that she entrusts in her way of working and living. “Kaizen” means continuous improvement, a constant commitment in better education, better treatment and better contribution to society.


Every year, she runs the program “ No caries for children under 3 years old”. Every kid under 3 years of age will receive free dental treatment, because she believes that early education and right habits can change a person’s oral health and body tremendously.


Dr. Cao loves reading, playing music, painting and backpacking. If you have the same hobbies, come and share it with her.


Fun facts: Dr. Cao speaks 4 languages fluently (English, Vietnamese, French, & Spanish) but her Spanish is super funny! Talk to her in Spanish and you will understand!

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