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Diabetes and oral health

It is quite surprising that our healthcare system spends so much money on treating the symptoms while the causes of disease can be wiped out with education and prevention. Understanding thoroughly the reasons why it leads to the illness and how to adopt the natural remedy/lifestyle is a game changer. Medications can give you the relief but never be your cure! Within the limit of the blog content, we will discuss the nature of diabetes and some of the challenges that people are facing when they need dental work done.

Some go to the doctor for annual check-up, and receive the warning of pre-diabetes through some blood work. Some just go for check-up when they already developed a few symptoms. This reflects a lot on how much you care for your health and your priority in preventive health care.

3 years ago, a friend of mine, JD, collapsed from a stroke despite his really young age. He went to the gym once a week, worked 6 days a week, ate out for almost every meal. Fast food was his friend and workplace was his home. Even though his good insurance paid for his surgery, all the money he worked so hard to save, went down to zero to pay off all the bills, medications, and physical therapy. That single event changed his entire life, and mine. I realized that I also put things in a wrong order of priority. Since then, I can not emphasize enough the priority we all should put on our health, mentally and physically. Everything else, then, will fall into order.

Diabetes, Is it genetic or situational? Can it be reversed? Can it be cured completely? Yes and No. Yes, because our body is very forgiving. For decades of insufficient exercises, bad choice of food, unhealthy lifestyle, your body could be revived after 2-3 year of leading a healthy lifestyle. And No, because there is a threshold. It depends genetically and environmentally. There is no such concrete evidence on how much you can maltreat your body and get it reversed. Of course, the sooner you make it right, the better.

On oral health, diabetes has been related to periodontal disease (bone loss, teeth mobility, gum bleeding and swelling), bad breath, fungal growth, red mucosa (due to imbalance of oral bacteria and fungi), fast onset and long lasting oral infection, delayed wound healing (reduced immunity), xerostomia (dry mouth), altered taste and early tooth eruption (in kids).

It is very doable to offset all these complications. I highly recommend:

- Proper home care: brush and floss twice a day. 80% brush with the wrong technique that causes damage to the teeth and gum, please talk to your dentist/hygienist to learn about the right technique of brushing and flossing. Mouthrinse is optional, the best and cheapest is warm salt water.

- Avoid smoking and drinking: Nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes speed up the progress of periodontal disease. Alcohol worsens dry mouth and cause burning sensation on mucosa and gum.

- Drink frequently: Having a bottle of water (no soda, not sugary drink) and sipping throughout the day helps to cleanse and soothes dry mouth.

- Opt for a healthy diet and lifestyle to control your blood sugar and better overall health

- If you wear a denture or retainer, make sure to clean it daily

- Maintain 3-6 month recall with your dentist/hygienist for a regular check-up.

Following these intructions does make a big difference in your oral health. That'll make you feel great and ready for more enjoyment in life.

Any comments or questions, please feel free to reach out at

Que tenga un bueno dia! Have a wonderful day!

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